Showcase your dental portfolio in style. 

Interactive consultation software for dentists. 
Grow your practice, transform patient health
and mitigate risk.

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Use your dental portfolio with Chairsyde.

Create an exceptional patient experience by taking your patients on a visual health journey, both virtually and face to face.
Tag your portfolio to relevant conditions or sync to your Instagram account.

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What is Chairsyde?

Chairsyde is an interactive consulting platform that helps your patients visualise their diagnosis and treatment options, both virtually and face-to-face. With over 100 presentations including animations, illustrations and clinical photography, annotate your way through interactive education. Chairsyde will help transform patient health and increase case acceptance whilst keeping you dento-legally protected.

Save up to 28% of surgery time for real clinical work, whilst taking your consultations and reviews online.

Reach more patients and improve health with better education. Chairsyde dentists have seen a 32% increase is case acceptance.

Animated presentations are timestamped and tracked to help protect dentists by mitigating risk, keeping you safe.

How can I use my dental portfolio with Chairsyde?

Virtual Consultations

 Let patients book, upload photos and pay online

Create recurring availability and schedule calls

 Showcase animations over secure video call.

 Mitigate risk with timestamped tracking

Face to Face Consultations

Consult with patients on any device including desktop

Showcase animations and your dental portfolio in-chair 

Mitigate risk with timestamped tracking

Send post consultation summaries in seconds.

Who is Chairsyde for?

Dentists looking to reach more
patients and showcase their dental portfolio to grow their practice
Dentists seeking to improve
patient communication,
understanding and compliance
Dental care professionals
wanting to stay compliant,
protect themselves and
mitigate risk


“Chairsyde is more than a virtual platform, dentists can use it for face-to-face consultations, so every patient can visualise their conditions and treatment options.”

Julian English

“Chairsyde is the future of the patient journey during and post-pandemic.”

David Westgarth

“Chairysde wins Top 10 Telehealth provider in the UK”

Joe Samuel

 Impress your patients with your interactive dental portfolio


“I wanted to say how brilliant Chairsyde is as an excellent way to communicate top oral care and information for patients.
I particularly liked being shown the option for a crown and how it would be created for my tooth” - Camilla Walker, Patient.


Chairsyde’s Booking Widget lets patients book a
virtual consultation straight from your website. You or your team can schedule directly from the calendar.


Let your patients upload photos of their teeth on the
booking widget, for you to assess ahead of the call.


Set a price for your virtual consultations, or offer
them for free to engage with more patients.


Both virtually AND face-to-face. Take your
patients on a visual journey with over 100
presentations explaining their diagnosis and
procedures. Annotate and explain in real time.

Dental Portfolio

Showcase your work by uploading your
portfolio and tag it to specific conditions.
Or you can sync it with your instagram
and annotate away.


The entire consultation including every
presentation, both virtually and face-to-face,
is tracked, timestaped and stored, mitigating
risk to help protect you in the future.


Within 4 clicks, send post-consultation emails of 
patients diagnosis with prevention advice and treatment options. Include annotated images from the consultation and upload treatment plans if needed.

Impress your patients with the
benefits of Chairsyde's dental portfolio:

  • Reach more patients and increase case acceptance
  • Mitigate risk dento-legally and gain informed consent
  • Wow your patients and transform patient health