Health related services provided over electronic communications technologies.

Goals of Telehealth

Telehealth services aim to support self-management of healthcare and to make healthcare accessible to people who live in rural or isolated communities. Telehealth also provides access to specialists no matter what their location or transportation options.

What is Telehealth?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Telehealth refers to the use of digital means to access and manage a patient’s healthcare. Telehealth services are expected to reach more patients in the 21st century than ever before. Examples of telehealth include:


  • Ordering medications online
  • Using an online patient portal to see test results, schedule appointments or fill a prescription.
  • Watching a video or speaking with your healthcare provider via video-call
  • Use an app to monitor your BMI or food intake
  • Get email, text or phone reminders when you need a shot, exam or other preventative care
  • Virtual consultations with a healthcare provider

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