The Virtual Patient Journey

The online and mobile experience a patient has before and after receiving dental services.

How can it help my practice?

Embracing the virtual patient journey is not only part of a good COVID-19 strategy, it’s also vital to improve health in marginalized communities.  In order to be successful in the future, dentistries  need to embrace the virtual patient journey, bringing as many patients as possible online for their consultations to ensure the safety of the practice and the patient, and to provide vital income during COVID-19 to ensure that dentistry is set for the future.

What are the benefits?

  1. Safety for everyone involved
  2. A better use of time 
  3. Increased Income
  4. Higher treatment acceptance
  5. Keep your data safe
  6. End to end solution


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Chairsyde was Founded by a team of dentists, cybersecurity and A.I. experts, set out to develop technology to improve patient journey. From booking an initial consultation, through to making payment, we’re the only service that considers every step you need when working with your patients. And our video consulting means that patients are able to talk to you from the comfort of their own homes.